What’s this?

Well, it’s a series of musings about Newfoundland and Labrador weather and climate, from the perspective of someone who enjoys disaster weather and our impulsive, unforgiving atmosphere.  I plan to add occasional short pieces about impressive events, climate trends, local conditions, and analyses of folk belief – as long as I can get data, I’m happy to look at anything from ranking storms to assessing the predictive power of dogberry bushes.  I expect to add something roughly once a month, time permitting.

Professionally, I’m a climatologist with Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Dept of Geography. Privately, I’m that guy who won’t shut up about his favorite snowstorms and hurricanes.

About the name: it’s a bad music/weather nerd joke – as in ‘the Newfoundland forecast sounds like a Steve Reich composition’.  Specifically, this one:

I’ll let you know when I come up with a better one.


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